10 Healing Things I Do Everyday to Feel My Best

Hi Superheroes! I cannot believe it’s already October. The days feel long but the years feel short right?! Speaking of long days it’s so important to share with you superheroes 10 healing things I do daily to get me through the day (mentally & physically) I incorporated these things during a dark survival mode era and I still need & love to do them to get me through. Please remember each body and person is SO different & refine this to what is best for YOUR body! <3

1.Affirmations: I wake up and repeat to myself 3-5 strong affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that are scientifically proven to help you overcome sabotaging, negative and anxiety filled thoughts. Along with mitigating effects of stress. When you repeat them often and truly believe in them you start to feel more optimistic and less worrisome. If you follow my instagram stories you know every single day I write them out and then I place them in my highlight folder. So don’t worry if you have no clue where to start- I have you covered on here.

2. Gua sha and ice roller: It is so upsetting how much my face changes DAILY due to my illnesses. Before my Crohns disease journey my face would rarely change when I was in an FMF flare. Now a days with my chronic illness’ fighting against each other my face is changing all the time. I wake up without knowing what face I am going to get each and every day. I can have a super caved in washed out face to an extremely inflamed puffy face. I always worry what if I have an event, a meeting, a wedding, a party? I get more frustrated with an inflamed puffy face than I do with a washed out caved in face even though both faces I’m unrecognizable and so frustrating. Crohn’s can really lower your self esteem when you’re really battling your health. SO I now use an ice roller I LOVE and a gua sha that a zoom superhero got for me! The ice roller is self explanatory I ice it all over my face and keep it in the freezer. The gua sha I use with face oil (sometimes lotion) to my face and roll away. I also notice the more I move around that day or as time passes by the less inflamed I do look (sometimes.) I also find the ice roller and gua sha to be relaxing and calming.

3. Juice and Avocado toast Who has been with me since the beginning of my instagram?! I actually put a poll on my story not too long ago asking this question and I was blown away by the replies. 70 something % of viewers have been with me since the celery juice days! This truly makes me SO happy. So if you are an OG you know well I was drinking celery juice for over 200 consecutive days. I am very blessed that my mom would juice it in the mornings and sometimes I would buy them from a local organic store however juicing at home is the best way to go. That’s not so realistic for many and not myself either- with my fatigue and schedule now but I do try to drink pineapple or celery juice almost every other day. Pineapple juice ( is amazing for inflammation and sweet!) But something I do eat EVERY DAY is avocado toast loaded up with a ton of omega 3s and gut friendly & gut health ingredients. I am posting a reel THIS WEEK on the recipe so stay tuned. I do believe starting each morning knowing what I am putting in my body is protecting my gut health & won’t trigger a flare is definitely a safe mood booster.

4. Comfy but cute clothes Ok so I am all about being raw and real (everyone should be- but there not lol) so I will say this one doesn’t happen every day. Sometimes the pain or fatigue is too deep that putting on clothes is just a big why?!?! BUT when the pain isn’t as deep I do like putting on COMFY clothes (so funny how my definition of dressed up now is completely different than societies) Changing out of my pajamas and putting comfy yet cute clothes on really helps boost my mood. I love wearing sweat shorts and a tank or sweat shorts and big comfy sweatshirt. I don’t think I have ever owned so many sweatshirts and sweatpants until my Crohns diagnosis. I also love wearing cute hats for so many days my hair needs to be washed but fatigue is kicking my butt. Dry shampoo is also a great product but sometimes dry shampoo isn’t even enough!

5. Surrounding myself with like minded people (in real life and in my DMS!) You really see peoples true colors when you get sick and I don’t mean that in a black and white type of way- you can very much be friends with someone but things they talk about when you’re in survival mode or your healing journey could be triggering. Which is so important to set up boundaries & also surround yourself with like minded individuals. I am soooo grateful for my zoom superheroes- it really is so validating and special to have friends who are in or have been in the same journey as you. Having a good support system really does change everything. (If you don’t have one, don’t be sad please join my free chronic illness zoom and I KNOW you will form friendships!!!!)

6. Baths If you follow my instagram account you know I love baths for my high intensity pain. The second I am flaring really badly whether its my whole body, stomach, joints or chest I go right into the HOT bath. There are some days I unfortunately need to take 6 baths a day. It’s funny to realize the few times I go in when I am not in a flare I could never have the water as hot as I normally have it when I am flaring. The hotness feels SOOO good on my painful body. I LOVE lavender epson salt and my FAVORITE bath product is this.

7. Journaling/ poem books I love a good night time routine. I think ending your day off social media with galaxy lights and tuned in with yourself is so priceless. I love journaling and reading poem books. Poem books are so relatable. I actually have a lot of the ones I read and loved on my amazon storefront. Ending the day feeling at ease & distracted is everything.

8. Galaxy lights I ALWAYS end my night with my blue galaxy lights. They can be any color but blue is SO soothing for me. No matter what time of the day it is, if I am in a bad flare I will shut my curtains and turn on the lights. I also need to destimulate after each day and I love having the lights on to help. As I am typing right now I have my galaxy lights on LOL.

9. Destimulate I always go in my room and destimulate at least twice a day. (Sometimes its a have to) but I really find this to help me get through each day. Especially if I know I have my zooms or something important later on- I need to preserve my energy & my mind. When I say destimulate; what I do is go in my room turn off my lights & shut my drapes. I don’t go on my phone (sometimes I want to) but it doesn’t help me destimulate.

10. Fresh air This is similar to #4 where some days this truly would do more harm in a horrible flare or a big “why” but I do love trying to get fresh air even if its for 2 minutes. Whether im sitting on the balcony or I go with my mom for a short and I mean short walk with our doggy. Fresh air is so good for us mentally & physically!

So there you go superheroes! A day in my healing journey life. Save this blog post to refer back to so you can instill these practices daily! For a mood boost or to get you through the chronic illness life. I am sending you so much strength & love superheroes. 💜😊

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