I'm thrilled to announce the Chronically Iconic Membership.
This membership includes weekly zooms for support, help, validation & forever friends, a Facebook group of all superheros to turn to when you need instant answers, a community of people who actually get it, product recommendations, and so much more! A 66 page workbook will be sent straight to your house!

Chronically Iconic
Zoom Membership

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"I didn't start listening to my body until I joined these zooms."

"Thank you so much to everyone on zoom for empowering me to find a new rheumatologist." 

 "Wow that was such a good session, I loved that & totally needed it- so therapeutic."


Thank you guys so much for being on zoom for the last three years. As you know, this community takes a lot of time, attention, and energy, and it’s my pleasure to be able to provide you with a safe space to share and connect. 

As I’ve been thinking about my own health and career ambitions, I’ve made the choice to turn this into a paid membership, that I can continue to add even more to this group while also feeling good & motivated about the energy I’m spending! 

For three years, I've been busy building this amazing, much needed community.

All superhero members will have access to a 24/7 monitored Facebook group page. An additional community spot where you can ask questions & get the support you superheroes deserve & need. 

I'll be mailing every superhero member a customized workbook to help you navigate this chronic illness life. For members only.

& monthlyworksheets

Our zooms will take place every week. A safe space for others who GET IT. The connections, support, advice, encouragement, and vulnerability is incredible & much needed. 


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