Amazon Prime day deals I am adding to my cart or already have! Chronic Illness / Cozy Edition

Hi Superheroes! October 11-12th is Amazon Prime day… AGAIN! No you are not going crazy there was already an Amazon prime day this year! Now we have a bonus day… or two! For all the things you couldn’t or forgot to get.

I have you covered from wellness, to chronic illness must haves, to fashion (comfy of course) to bathroom perks to so much more! Everything I listed is going to be on a BIG amazon sale! I am categorizing it all. What are you waiting for?! Shop away!

Bathroom staples:

Home Staples:

Cozy Fashion:

I hope you superheroes splurge on some sale items because you deserve it! Happy shopping! Don’t forget to check out my amazon storefront as well. I am sending you so many cozy vibes, love & strength!

Lala 🙂

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