What to bring to infusion day!

Hi Superheroes! I don’t like to say “how are you feeling?” because that is such a tough question to answer. So instead I am going to say I hope you’re having a low symptom day. Chances are you’re here because you or someone you love need to start biologic infusions! I remember how nervous I was when I found out I needed biologic infusions. I didn’t know a single soul who gets them and I didn’t even know what they were.

If you want to know what to expect during your first time I have a blog post if you click here on what to expect on infusion days! Here I am telling you what to BRING to infusion day! So you’re comfy, distracted and as content as you can be!

Infusions can be long, and not the comfiest. I hate how I have to keep my arm straight the whole two hours, whenever I move my arm the iv pauses and then the machine beeps. Other than the arm situation, you can still get comfortable while sitting at infusions! I am here to help… I suggest you dressing warm- both of my infusion centers are extremely cold and I heard from others on my chronically iconic zooms that my centers aren’t the only ones that keep it so cold. So dress warm!!! (But also wear a shirt that’s easy to pull the sleeve up, for the iv!)

Bring water, it’s so important to stay hydrated (always) but especially when getting infusions. Fun fact: did you know when you drink water your veins are easier to find? Another reason to bring and drink it! Bring snacks if you want. Since I have been suffering with such a lack of appetite I don’t bring any but I have been offered snacks and water by my nurse! Every infusion center is different but I am sure they have at least water.

My infusion center also offers me a blanket. Bring your own if you want! I would definitely recommend splurging on AirPods, they cancel out all sounds around you and you may hear your nurses talk with other patients! It’s also just relaxing listening to music or a podcast. I would bring your phone, ipad or even laptop.

I just sit back and try to relax as best as I can. I feel like I am always very alert but I do get carried away on my phone or I lay listening to music with my airpods. The chairs at my infusion centers pull up so your legs can lay.

I bring hand sanitizer but I bring hand sanitizer everywhere I go! I can’t risk getting any type of sick. Another fun fact that your nurse or doctor will tell you: if you get biologic infusions and you are sick with a cold, infection, flu- any sickness (other than flaring from your diseases) then you have to reschedule your infusions because you can’t get them when sick. So always try (as best as you can) to be safe from germs because delaying infusions can cause flares to spike.

Lastly, every doctor and nurse is different but I was told by both to always take an anti allergy medicine 30 minutes before my infusions to prevent any allergic reaction. So I take Claritin.

I hope I was a help! I know you’re probably sooooo nervous and your feelings and worries are so valid. You do NOT need to like a treatment even if it may help you. From one superhero to another, you got this! It’s not as bad as you may think 🙂

Sending you love & strength,

Lala 💜

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