25 powerful things I’ve learned living with Chronic Illnesses…

Where are my Sagittarius at?! It’s SAG season!! My fingers are covered in my cbd lotion (shout out cbd infuzions code 40% superhero) I truly like sharing that there is an actual CBD lotion for times like this (typing on laptop) where the lotion blends unlike sticky cbd topicals. ANYWAYSSSSS I am now writing to share 💫 25 💫 powerful things I have learned living with chronic illnesses.

I am definitely not your average 25 year old but if you’re reading this I am sure you’re not the average to your age either. Which is NOT a bad thing. It’s something to be PROUD of. You are not basic 😉 Just complicated 😉 or severely complicated hehe. Anyways since my 25th birthday just passed I thought it would be a good idea to share 25 things i’ve learned living with chronic illnesses… ready? Lets go!

25 powerful things i’ve learned living with chronic illnesses

  1. How people act towards you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. 

  1. Setting boundaries are essential to survive.

  1. So is morning and night routines.

  1. That truly living is not going to out to bars or clubs but actually appreciating every little moment in life knowing that things can change in a second.

  1. The most beneficial quality to have during suffering is surrendering. Surrendering is not weak, it’s the complete opposite. Surrendering takes incredible strength. 

  1. Everything really does happen for a reason, even if we don’t know the reason now.

  1. Do not force anything, let the universe (or whatever you believe in guide you)

  1. Your gut feelings are NEVER wrong. Trust the signs.

  1. People can never understand what you’re going through unless they are in the same shoes.

  1. Doctors don’t know it all and no amount of textbooks read our unique individual bodies.

  1. People don’t always know how to be there for you but that doesn’t mean they don’t care.

  1. Patience, true true patience.

  1. When someone is sick, the whole family gets sick.

  1.  Worrying does not change the outcome, it only adds more stress.

  1. You can be on your deathbed and people will still be selfish. 

  1. You can’t care what others think (finally after 25 years I learned this)  because no matter what people will judge, people won’t understand and I am mad for all the times I felt I needed to prove myself to people.

  1. My mom is my angel and without her I am not sure how I would get through this healing journey, which is why I share everything I learn with you all. 

  1. There are a lot of sick people who are suffering in the world and not enough answers.

  1. There are a lot of kind caring people in the world.

  1. Affirmations are really so powerful.

  1. I am resilient. Truly resilient. 

  1.  Resting is productive, resting IS doing something. 

  1. Having chronically ill friends are the only people I can never lose a bond with, because we will forever unfortunately AND fortunately share the same bond being chronically ill and not understood by the world.

  1. To shift my focus to what’s working in my life instead of what is not. 

  1. To celebrate the small wins because in the end it’s all the little wins that matter most. 

I’d love to know powerful things you have learned this past year!!! Comment below 🙂

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