22 Affirmations for 2022

Hi Superheroes! When affirmations are repeated seriously and continuously they slowly but surely change your pattern of thinking. There is no better time to start writing down, repeating or typing out affirmations then this week in the new year!!

Here are 22 affirmations for 2022. Save this blog post so you can refer back to the affirmations daily. 🙂

I am open and ready to be positive.

There is room for positivity in my life.

My life is not perfect but I will honor my small wins.

I am patient with myself and accept that positive changes take time.

I am not afraid to rest when I need to rest.

Resting is productive and will not hold me back.

I exhale fear I inhale hope.

I will learn to love myself.

I will be patient during the storm and focus on the sunshine to come.

I believe I WILL have better days to come.

The best days of my life haven’t happened yet.

 I will set boundaries this year to respect my health and myself.

My time is coming.

may feel lonely but I am not alone.

I am hurting but I am healing too.

I am growing at my own pace.

Progress can be measured in breaths, I am breathing therefore I am making progress.

It’s okay to do things differently.

 I will be gentle with myself.

My feelings are never wrong they are MY feelings and they are valid.

 No matter what happens I will still carry hope with me.

I will not give up on my dreams. Dreams do not have an expiration date. 

Sending you all SO much love peace and happiness in the new year.

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