What to expect on Biologic Infusion Day!

Hi Superheroes! I decided to inform the ones who need to get biologic infusions what my experience is like! I remember first getting told I need infusions and I freaked out. I did not know a single soul who gets them and I didn’t even know what they were. If you want to know what to bring on infusion day, read my blog here. Now continue reading to know what to EXPECT. What the doctors don’t tell you.

• My first day getting infusions, I was EXTREMELY nervous! I was super afraid I was going to feel the medicine going in me throughout the whole two hours… but those who get IVs know you don’t feel anything at all! (Expect the poke in beginning & end!)

• I sit in a reclining chair and the nurse (who is now the nurse I always have and love!) took my blood pressure and temperature a few times during the two hours!

• I am always offered a blanket and snacks!

• Every 15 minutes my nurse asks me how I’m feeling and raises the IV fluids at a faster pace. (You still don’t feel anything!!)

• There is a tv across from me!

• Infusion time is a great time to bring your laptop to watch a movie, get work done, or to close your eyes and nap! Self care!!! Yay!

• I usually just sit back, relax and listen to music! I occasionally go on my phone!

Moral of this blog post: if you need to get infusions it was definitely not as scary as I thought and you will look forward to your scheduled appointments to feel good! 💜 

Sending love & strength!


PS: It is OKAY if you do not like a medical treatment even if it may help you. Your feelings are always valid!!

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