Chronic Illness and Mental Health

Did you know if you have a chronic illness you are two times more likely to suffer from a mental illness as well? On top of that, if you do suffer from both, each illness tends to be more severe. 

I first want to recognize mental health alone. One out of five adults are diagnosed with a mental illness – yet there is still such a stigma around this. Suffering from mental health is NOT “bad” and it is NOT your fault. You are SO strong and you should never shy away or feel embarrassed in seeking help. Receiving help from others is SO brave.

If you suffer from mental health alongside your chronic illness, I can relate. It is beyond stressful and I’ve been told that I don’t take a breath when I sit. I am always stressed out, but it’s my normal to be. I have all the reasons to worry. I know my worries are bigger than the “average” healthy 24 year old and that really affects me. My worries run the range of: If I am going to have a long life full of healthy days, if I am going to the bathroom enough so I don’t have to undergo colon surgery, if my blood and urine levels are fine with my FMF so my kidneys don’t fail, and soooo much more that one does not see looking at my surface. According to many studies, when stress levels are too high, chronic illness may affect mental health through the mechanism of increased stress. 

Suffering silently no matter what it is is hard enough. Today, I want all of you Superheroes to remind yourself of these things… 

  • Healing is possible. 
  • I am enough.
  • Rainbow days ARE coming. 
  • My sensitivity is my strength and source of intuition. 
  • I am deserving of all the things I desire. 
  • The best days of my life are yet to be lived.
  • My feelings are valid.
  • I have to get through the storm to appreciate the rainbow days. 

Keep fighting through each dark cloudy day because you WILL see the rainbow days soon. 

Sending you Superhero love & strength.

Lala 💜

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