Tips to help FOMO with Chronic illness

Being chronically ill can be extremely frustrating and upsetting watching the world from your bed. It doesn’t feel fair, and social media doesn’t help. I have a few tips on how to manage FOMO.

First, de-center yourself. Limit your screen time whether it’s checking social media or talking with your friends. It’s okay to do what is best for YOU.

Second, focus on the things that bring you joy. Focus on the things that bring you happiness, excitement, and comfort. Yes they may look different than your “norma;” but embrace what you can!

A fun one I like; set realistic goals for yourself! They can be small or big. One goal could be to start a new distracting TV series! Or pick a number of times you’re able to get out of the house for a walk or just fresh air! I know pain and fatigue can limit our ability to get outside but when you are able to, definitely try! It will feel so nice mentally and physically.

Celebrate your small wins. You’re defying the odds every single day. It’s important to celebrate your small wins. I remember how exciting it was when I would get the approval to lower my steroid medicine. My mom would jump up and down and it felt really exciting.

Next, remind yourself (always) resting is productive! Resting is doing something, resting is productive for your body. You’re going through a lot don’t be so hard on yourself. In a society where everyone loves to go, go, go, it is really important to rest!

Celebrate your inner child. Color in coloring books, play games, listen to what your inner child would love to do!

Rainbow days ARE coming. Yes chronic is forever however we won’t always have bad days. You have to get through the stormy days to get to the rainbow days.

Sending you Superhero love and strength!

Lala 💜

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