Traveling while having a chronic illness comes at a cost. Traveling takes an extra toll on your sensitive, strong, but tired, flaring body so here are some tips & tricks for you to refer back to next time you’re traveling! Traveling puts such a strain on my body and the morning of my flights I unfortunately always am flaring really bad due to the excitment and stress that I either have to push through or I end up rescheduling. That’s chronic illness for you!


  • Book your flight at the time of the day or night you on average have the most energy. Going through security, carrying luggage, communicating with strangers, and all the excitement and nerves IS EXHAUSTING!!! 
  • Make sure you pack all your medications, CBD, heating pad, whatever you need in your carry on so its with you at all times on the plane!!!
  • Make sure you pack snacks and foods you are able to eat! It’s better to have just in case.
  • Make sure to include nap time in your daily schedule. When it’s included in your travel schedule you will feel less guilty to lay low. This is so important (if you need it) so you’re able to do everything else during the trip. Even cat naps!
  • Select a seat that’s close to the front for bathrooms, airline assistance, and for a faster wait time getting off the plane. 
  • When traveling, make sure you check ahead of time if there’s elevators, ramps, any additional things you need to make traveling easier.
  • Call the airline ahead of time letting them know (if) you need medical assistance, they are there to help. 
  • Wipe down your seat, arm rest, tv screen, and tray table with wet wipes. Even before Covid I would ALWAYS do this. It shocks me how many people wouldn’t!! My immune system can’t afford to get anythinggg even a simple cold so it’s really scary to be in an enclosed space with so many people for a good amount of time!! 
  • {Regarding Covid} Eat your snacks at a different time than everyone else, everyone has their masks off at the same time and that grosses me out!
  • Bring a neck pillow or blanket for comfort! 
  • Bring water!! The altitude really makes my pain worse and I know many other chronic illness superheroes have the same issue. (Not that water helps the pain at any means, but it’s important to drink extra water, being higher up!) 
  • Make sure you cut out time to sleep or rest for a while after your landed, traveling takes a toll on your body and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Only YOU know what YOU can handle. 


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