The world is reopening but my chronic illness is here forever.

The world is opening back up but our chronic illnesses are here forever. It is so crazy yet so comforting to hear other Superheroes (chronically ill warriors) are also upset or scared the world is reopening. 

No more 6 feet distance? Actually having to cancel plans again? More Fomo? Fomo hits differently being chronically ill. No more masks? No more respecting people’s health and personal space? It’s sad that it took a global pandemic for others to realize how important health is… until the lockdown got lifted and people seemed to care more about going out than protecting the wellbeing of others.

Our health is the most important thing – but the mental stress that’s coming with the reopening is a lot to handle. For example, the anxious moments where your friends are going to ask you for plans far in advance… How can I possibly say yes when I don’t even know how I’ll feel in the next hour? And if I do say yes, and have to reschedule, will they be upset? Will they send nasty texts? I’ll be more upset and frustrated than any of my friends… another day of missing out and being in pain.

Living in a locked down life is too familiar and normal for us, and it was way less stressful for us superheroes when the whole world was right there with us. It is VALID and more than OKAY to feel upset, jealous or frightened that the world is reopening. MY advice is to take things at your own pace, and still wear your mask if you are more comfortable. I know no matter what anyone says it really doesn’t take away the anxious, envious, frustrated thoughts, though. Go at your own pace and remind yourself we have to do what is best for our body. 

To the ones who are stuck in their beds more often than not, and the social media FOMO starts crawling in… I see you, and I am right here with you. I am here. Do not forget about the amazing community of Superheroes who join my zooms weekly. We’re all in this together. It is never to late to join. 

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